And We’re Drowning in the Deep

Remember how I said that Wednesday and Thursday were hard to be inspired? Ditto. Can you ditto yourself? I’m going with yes.

It’s been a rough week around here – I feel distinctly uncreative. To my left is a mound of unread articles for a memo I need to write, and to my right is pill bottles and a table shoved to the side to make room for my spasms, which have been of epic intensity this week.

And yet. I think I just need to remember, sometimes, that life itself is a creative process. We are more than what happens to, or around, or even within us. We can trust. We can hope. We can believe. And whether in pain or in joy, we create.

With that in mind, this week’s creativity roundup:


Both you, and your characters, or whatever your art is, can begin again – and again, if necessary.


I’m on my iPad and can’t figure out how to make that a link ( this is what’s commonly known as mad skill, folks) however, it is Casting Crowns O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and it is absolutely stunning.

And finally, if you just want wings to fly away:






Live inspired. You just have your “one wild and precious life” – live, and create.




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