What We’re Searching For

I seem to find Wednesday and Thursday the hardest in finding inspiration. I can’t say why really – maybe it’s because they’re just the middle. Monday means new

things, good things…Friday means the start of the weekend. The weekend is blessed in itself. The other three days…they just feel like filler sometimes.


I’ve decided that Wednesday-ish will be my day to post bits of things I’ve found

around that have inspired me in some way, in hopes that they will help you as well.

It may interest you to know that the start of this brilliant idea was me trying to

mesh Wednesday and Thursday together into a neat name – and realizing all that would do is give me Thursday or Wednesday.

Hopefully the words and images themselves are a bit more useful than the

thoughts that started the idea.

Here’s to being not the observers, but the creators – of


Other worlds,


Veiled strangers,

crimson tide

Places with blood red tides,


and fairy shoes containing tiny gifts,

villain quotes

And villains – who might be lurking in the best of us.

Best of luck with your creating today.



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