With Deepest Satisfaction

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we find that Nano is over!

Did you participate – if you did, did you win?

My Nano story began with a name.

It was midnight Nov. 1. I came to a sudden realization – I didn’t want to write according to the plan. I had an outline, very generalized. I had character names, a few drops of back story – certainly enough to go on.

But it had been a horrible day, horrendous week really…and all of the sudden, sitting on my couch that late night, I realized I wanted to escape it all. I wanted to do something entirely out of the ordinary, beyond everything I’d ever done.

So I logged onto the internet. I clicked on one of the ideas boards on the Nano website – and the first name I found was Padgett.

So, at 12:07 am Nov. 1, I opened a word document and typed the following sentence – “Padgett McClane was taking out the trash on the day the sky fell.”

And that, friends, was the beginning of a wild, one month, 51,365 word journey. I have now written my first fantasy novel, and I’m even just the slightest bit proud of it – and on top of that, I have found it is only the beginning of what will potentially be a three book series.

It was glorious. It was terrifying. I had nothing – just a name, no plot, no words, nothing but the gumption to try and fail miserably.

But I’m not entirely sorry it’s over either. Christmas is here – a time for hope, for relaxing, for knitting and coffee and talking for hours with far-away friends. I feel  a time of silence coming on, a time to refill the rich wells of words within me. It’s awfully hard, you see, to write without doing much living.

I don’t know where you may be in a creative endeavor, whether it be drawing, photography, dance, writing, design, decorating, cooking, teaching, or finding the beauty in your life. If you’ve only just begun, persevere.

If, though, you’ve been trying, battling to make it come, and it has not, remember – sometimes the harder you try, the more you remain still. Perhaps, then, it is best to enjoy the stillness. And rest, in satisfaction


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