Comings and Goings

There’s nothing like the sense, the certainty, the promise, of arriving home.

Be it humble

Or be it grand,

A sense of peace,

Of place,

Roots stretched thin drinking in life, full life, again.

I give thanks

for coming home

For the gentle rumble of the train that brought me here

For the glory of the lights on water, the path of the moon across the lake as we rumbled along the shore – coming home, coming home

And at last

the sweet sense of being



I have arrived home for the holidays! I do hope this Thanksgiving finds you able to share time and place with your loved ones, wherever that place may be. I have spent Thanksgivings in scrubs caring for the elderly, in hospital rooms waiting to meet a sister who might not live, and split apart from family. This Thanksgiving, with all my heart, I give thanks for being home.

If there is any one good thing about leaving, it is most certainly the return.


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