Celebrate Life

Today, I feel full of everything that makes life wonderful – good health, strong friendships, exciting plans, an open heart. What else could we really ask for?

I bought a plate through a fundraiser to support a local school – it says Celebrate Life in the center and is ringed in growing spirals by words like Faith, Family, Friends, Memories, Health, Dance, and more.

That’s what we should be doing. Always and forever.

Because this is a first post, I feel obligated to tell you – I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m playing with this whole thing, but I think a little play in life is an excellent thing. My mom keeps a quote on her refrigerator – we do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. I’m far too young to grow old – and I always will be.

Be young with me.

Current Project: Paper Moon on a Crystal Sea (NaNo shoutout!)

Wordcount: 38,168

Successes: I finally stopped writing music scenes just because they are easier to do and started building Padgett’s journey as much as Penelope’s.

Struggles: I’m so redundant! and just rife with adjectives. RIFE, people. Wordcount padding, you say? Yes. Yes, I’ve done that.

And on the life side: I’m taking a train tomorrow! Call me old fashioned, but I’m purposely wearing a vintage dress – nothing says haunting and delightfully old fashioned like a train. And to me, dress clothes and trains go together like tea and Tolstoy. I’m telling you – I may have been born in the wrong era. When would you have born, if you could have chosen the time and place?


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